PI17/00565 – INBERBAC-Neo Project

Under the framework of the PI17/00565 – INBERBAC-Neo project, a baseline survey will be sent by email over the course of this summer. This survey will be part of the pre-project launch assessment and seeks to update the data on the neonatal units gathered in previous surveys (NeoKissEs) and document the usual or established routine clinical practices for the management of central lines in each unit.


Annual comparative report of NeoKissEs system indicators with respect to the reference population from the German NEO-KISS system

Since 2015, heads of the participating NICUs have received an annual report comparing indicators from the NeoKissEs system with those related to the reference population obtained from the German NEO-KISS system.


Annual comparative reports of NeoKissEs system indicators, year 2017

Over the course of the month of July, comparative reports of NeoKissEs surveillance system indicators for 2017 and the report of the final analysis of the PI13/00587 NeoKissEs study will be issued.

Annual comparative reports of NeoKissEs system indicators

The NeoKissEs system has generated four comparative reports from the surveillance system indicators for the years 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

NeoKissEs surveillance system

As of 30 June 2018, the NeoKissEs surveillance system will remain active as an epidemiological surveillance system to calculate rates of infection and compare indicators between hospitals.


Implementation of NeoKissEs in Spain

We are pleased to announce that an original article entitled “Implementation of NeoKissEs in Spain: a validated surveillance system for nosocomial sepsis in very low birth weight infants” has been accepted for publication in the journal Anales de Pediatría.


XXVI Congress on Neonatology and Perinatal Medicine and VI Congress of the Spanish Society for Neonatal Nursing

In the XXVI Congress on Neonatology and Perinatal Medicine and VI Congress of the Spanish Society of Neonatal Nursing, that took place in Zaragoza from 27 to 29 September 2017, a poster entitled “Variability in rates of antibiotic use in neonatal units with the NeoKissEs system: A call to action?” obtained a prize/honourable mention for the best poster awarded by the Spanish Society for Neonatology and the Nestlé Nutrition Institute.



2nd Prize in the Awards for the Best Initiatives in Patient Safety

On 11 May 2017, the PI13/00587 – NeoKissEs project obtained special recognition by the Quironsalud Foundation with the award of the 2nd Prize in the Awards for the Best Initiatives in Patient Safety, in competition with 56 projects that had been presented from across Spain.

This prize is the result of the excellent work of the neonatal units of the 46 participating hospitals which have believed in and committed to this initiative, initially conceived and driven forward by the late Dr. Adolf Valls i Soler and jointly financed by the Sub-Directorate General for Research Assessment and Promotion, under the 2013-2016 Research and Innovation Plan of Institute of Health Carlos III, and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) (reference no.: PI13/00587).


For more information see the Quironsalud Press release of 12 May, 2017.


Results of NeoKissEs analysis

In 2016, results of the analysis of NeoKissEs system indicators were presented at five workshops  (held in the Basque Country, Barcelona, Madrid, Seville and Asturias) attended by more than 100 health professionals.